Monday, January 12, 2009

calls for eur and chf, week January 12-16

...let's have a closer look at the signals I mentioned yesterday:

eur/usd (jan 5-9): this long black continues last week's euro bear signal and we'll continue to sell the 16-nation (hello slovakia!) unit.

forecast: the candles say that eur is a southbound train.

support: 1.3200
resistance: 1.3750

usd/jpy (dec 29-jan 2; jan 5-9): this two-candle pattern is a bearish piercing line and the long upper shadow on the black gives it extra kick. however, last week's close above 90.00 made us wary that the BoJ would be setting its intervention rumour-mill going once again. which means we're sitting on our hands.

forecast: we're afraid of the big bad bank!


usd/chf (dec 22-26; dec 29-jan 2; jan 5-9) last week's long white gives weight to the previous week's hammer and closes above the long black of christmas week. it's a bull signal, though that longish upper shadow makes us a wee bit nervous.

greenback to strengthen against the franc


gbp/usd (17 nov-9 jan): this pic shows the range that cable has been trading inside for the last two months. I'm setting the boundaries of the range as the open of the long black (10-14 nov) and the close of the spinning top two weeks ago (29 dec-2 jan), giving us a top of 1.5770 and a bottom of 1.4499. It's difficult to see us getting a weekly signal until there's a clear day breakout of this range. However, the range provides good opportunities for intra-day trading once price tests either support or resistance.

forecast: We're holding fire.
resistance: 1.5770

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